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I want to help people live their best life.

Self Love is not something we do magically overnight. It is something we work towards every day. You have the ability right now to focus on working towards loving yourself more fully. To rewriting that negative self talk. To changing how you think and feel about yourself. And you can accomplish this by focusing every day for the next 36 days on finding some movement and keeping a journal. And being guided and supported while you find yourself, face yourself, and learn to trust yourself again!

Why you haven’t made the progress you want


You’ve seen people who found self confidence and cultivated a great life and thought to yourself, “I can’t do that.” 😱😱😱

Or you’ve been given inadequate support and guidance on fostering the best version of yourself that you start to believe that it’s going to take you forever to learn or that your body and mind just doesn’t work that way. 😩

People make it look so easy, but no one really explains HOW⁉️ to get to a place of self love?!

So you try, and the fear of the idea of failing over and over again keeps you from practicing consistently.

And yet...there’s something about the freedom, the power and the beauty of taking care of yourself keeps pulling you back. You want to achieve Self Love. You want to practice it.

Up until now, your attempts have left you feeling that:

  • You’re not good at prioritizing
  • Your ability to complete a difficult task is questionable
  • You’re not strong enough
  • You’re going to hurt yourself
  • It takes forever to make meaningful progress

But none of this is true.

We are told all the time to just be more positive, rather than allowing for our complex emotions. People use buzz words and don' explain what they mean and you're left looking around the room trying to figure out WTF is going on. 😳😳

Maybe you're learning from YouTube or Instagram where it's like they expect you to be completely healed from past trauma and just be perfect before you can even try "Step 1" of their tutorial.

So NATURALLY you start thinking that you're just not strong enough or that you will try later when you "ready" and it's going to take forever to make any progress.

I get why you would think that way... but is that really the problem?

Most people think that self love requires you to be super emotionally strong, healed and completely together but the truth is:

Loving yourself is not about Perfection.


You don't even need to be able to answer every question about yourself to start deep internal work.

If strength were the factor, how do people all over the world seemingly change their lives from the most difficult situations. They obviously have the strength, so what gives?

Like all difficult things worth doing, It's a skill that relies on practice, repetition and desire to try.

This course gives you the tools to finally take control of your life, by learning to love yourself. Not all at once but every day diving a little deeper with a different journal topic and moving your body in a different way. You have the power to change cycles in your life and finally create the life you want. This course breaks it up for you.

Our limitations are in our heads - they are not fact.


3 Minutes in yoga class twice a week "meditating" isn't going to get you there, or it would have already.

  • Trying the same techniques over and over and expecting different results is....well....you know what that is 🤪
  • Watching YouTube videos or Instagram tutorials from influencers who are super strong but aren't really teaching is not a training plan if you want results.

Walking around thinking you aren't good enough, or that you need to "graduate" before you can do something you're interested in just plain sucks.

Unleash your inner goddess and learn to tecniques to create a pattern and habit of Self Love, so you can finally create the life you want!

Welcome to the 36 Days that will completely change your life.

This course isn't your average fitness challenge. The only before photo is a selfie if you want to. This challenge has literally nothing to do with how your body looks. Will the workouts challenge you? Sometimes YES! Will get stronger? HELL YEAH you will! Will you feel lighter on your feet? Heck yes, I hope so.

See in my experience working with thousands of different people, the physical transformations always follow with the mental ones. when you learn to care for yourself, rather than beating yourself up with negative thoughts, you can begin to heal. And I swear babe, healing looks SO good on you.

When we stop focusing on social pressures of what we think we "should" look like and start seeing ourselves for who we actually are in this very moment. You will start to see how beautiful you have always been. I promise you babe its worth the effort.

I am not saying any of this will be "hard" but I am saying you will have to apply effort. Some days will be harder than other, but I PROMISE you are SO worth it. You are so worth the effort.

Do this challenge today and show yourself how much effort you deserve. You're literally made of stars babe, what can you do with all that magic?

Why you need to take this course...

Look I get it, starting an exercise program can feel intimidating. Maybe you are having flashbacks from shitty PE or gym experiences. I promise you the way you have thought about movement, is not how youre going to learn about movement in this course. Yes, every day of this challenge you get a new workout to try, but you also get a journal prompt. This journey is going to be just as much physical as it is mental. This course is speficially desigened to show you movement as a tool, as a medicine and not as a punishment for what you ate or a way to "earn" calories. Yes this challenge will have challenges. I am going to ask you to try things, not for the sake of trying things but because they are affective and they work. This challenge is not about WHAT you look like, this challenge is about HOW you feel. This challenge is going to change how you think of your body. Because its going to remind you and show YOU what a goddess you are. This class wont magically fix your self esteem but it will give you the tools and the step by step of how to IMPROVE your self esteem and GROW your confidence.

This challenge was designed to push you emotionally and intellectually....

I specifically designed each journal prompt to allow you to really deep dive into yourself. Often when I encourage clients to journal they don't know what to write, or they don't think of themselves much of a writer. I hope with each of these prompts you start to uncover more and more of your voice. That is the purpose of this. Your voice is powerful and often it is not cultivated in a productive way. Social media can be really fun, but it can also be emotionally draining. Research has shown that more social media use equates to less creativity. The things in this challenge are like the opposite of social media because the only audience that actually matters is YOU. Have you actually heard yourself? Have you allowed your self to fully ROAR? You are a writer, and your voice is beautiful. Imagine how your voice will feel after 36 days of commitment to your voice, and commitment to yourself!!! This course is going to feel like magic.That is because the magic is doing the work. Nothing crazy, nothing too much, day by day of getting better, fine tuning and connecting. When it's over it will FEEL like magic.

This course features weekly challenges, one of the biggest ones is to drink more water....

Benefits of drinking water include: carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells. flushing bacteria from your bladder. aiding digestion. preventing constipation. normalizing blood pressure. cushioning joints. protecting organs and tissues. regulating body temperature. And drinking water aides weight loss. It's not about forcing yourself to drink a ton of water this second, maybe add a glass of water every day when you wake up. I want this course to show you the little things that are going to make your life so much better. Everything I share is backed up with data.

I am not pushing you to do crazy workouts, infact every workout you do, you should enjoy! The best exercise is simply walking!

Walking has so many health benefits! The best exercise you can probably do is just to walk. Even if its only a 5 min walk after each meal. That is the simplest and best health benefit. Walking has proven to prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and type 2 diabetes. Improve cardiovascular fitness. Strengthen your bones and muscles. Improve muscle endurance. Increase energy levels.

This Challenge isn't for everyone.... Because it was made specifically for YOU!

And you definitely are not everyone. In fact you are different then most people. You maybe over think. Maybe you doubt yourself. Maybe you struggle to find motivation. MAybe the idea of thinking about your body gives you stress. After this course, I promise you, you will think so much more clearly. You will be better at tapping into your own intuition and vast wealth of knowledge. It's not going to be easy, but that is why you're different than most people. You can accomplish anything if you simply start to believe you can.

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